Imagine a world where the points you earn from any rewards program can be used to buy anything you want. This is the future of loyalty programs, made possible by Appsolutely’s blockchain technology.


We see a future where you can use money, rewards points, and digital currencies seamlessly for anything you want to buy or sell. We will unite all loyalty programs into a single system that applies to every merchant. Blockchain technology will turn that vision into reality.

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin and is touted as the backbone for all future transactions. It is a secure system of listing purchases, deals, and other agreements correctly without the need for a central authority. This technology will usher in an ecosystem in which loyalty programs and rewards points for each brand can be used on just about any other merchant.

Blockchain is a win for the customer because:

  • It opens new avenues for better features and rewards for the loyalty programs a customer participates in.
  • Any user can find out how much points he has immediately.
  • Points can be passed to others more easily, as if you’re just sending money, no matter what kind of points you have.
  • A user’s transactions have more power to define market prices, therefore increasing the value of his points.
  • Its peer-to-peer, decentralized nature provides better security against hacking, keeping your data and assets safe.

Blockchain also benefits merchants because:

  • It provides a cost-effective solution for loyalty programs.
  • It enables standardized tracking of loyalty points across different merchants.
  • It powers a new form of computer-based contracts that are more secure and less costly than traditional contracts.
  • Deployment of new features for loyalty programs are made faster through templates and other computer protocols.
  • Innovative incentive features can emerge as blockchain irons out complications related to the usual loyalty programs.

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