Appsolutely Inc. now offers a new way for your business to attract more customers and draw more revenue throughout the year.

Introducing, Appsolutely Gift Cards!

With these, your customers will have the option to purchase a cash card they can use exclusively in any of your branches. The cards can be personalized with a range of different designs to fit any occasion and any season, while being made available all year. Your customers can purchase the gift cards either through your stores or online. If bought in-store, the customer will receive a physical card they can use to purchase your products. Purchasing the card online will grant them a virtual card that they can use just like the physical card—all they need to do is load the card on a mobile device and present it to the cashier. Or if they prefer, they can print the card itself so they can still have something they can give to their giftee.

With Appsolutely’s own special analytics system, your business can keep track of all the cards you issue to all your loyal customers. You will be able to see updated data about who buys your cards, when they buy it, and from where they buy it from. Also track what products they purchase using the cards, and how many cards they purchase at a time. This will not only give you very important information about the clients you have and their spending trends, but it will also let your business adapt to their habits letting you grow as a company.

We both know how important it is that your customers are taken care of—the more satisfied they are with you, the more they spend. Our Gift Cards are sure to make them happy.

Give your customers the gift of giving with Appsolutely Gift Cards!